Pakistan and Japan co-host UN Peacekeeping Summit

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The quest for international peace and security continues to be a shared effort in a world characterised by conflict and turbulence. Pakistan is organising a major international event in cooperation with Japan as evidence of this shared commitment. This occasion provides a forum for discussing the difficulties, obligations, and developments in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions. This Preparatory Meeting, a two-day event, brings together international specialists, diplomats, and decision-makers to create discourse that cuts across boundaries and strives to pave the way for a safer and more peaceful world.

The keynote speeches that the foreign and defence ministers of Pakistan will make are the focal point of this event. With an emphasis on the value of international cooperation and unity in the quest of peace, these presentations set the stage for the conversations that will take place in these two days. A wide range of individuals from throughout the globe, including experts from the region and beyond and members of the prestigious UN Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, are attending the meeting. The committee, whose members represent 156 countries, represents the depth and breadth of international support for peacekeeping operations.

The Preparatory Meeting offers a venue for panel discussions that explore a variety of sub-themes crucial to peacekeeping deployments over the course of the two days. In addition to addressing the crucial topic of safety and security, these conversations will explore the many obstacles faced by UN soldiers and seek to develop solutions for strengthening their capacity-building requirements. It is crucial to ensure the safety and protection of those who are fighting on the front lines in a world where the nature of combat is constantly changing.

An expert presentation on the dangers posed by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) will be one of the meeting’s outstanding sessions. These sneaky contraptions have caused mayhem in conflict areas and pose a persistent threat to both civilians and peacekeepers. This workshop emphasises the crucial role that creativity and strategy play in protecting people who tirelessly struggle to bring peace to unstable places by tackling the serious threats posed by IEDs.

The gathering will also enable a thorough explanation of the pledge mechanism. The member states of this system, which is essential to the accomplishment of peacekeeping missions, provide troops, resources, and equipment to support UN operations. Peacekeeping operations are well prepared to carry out their mandates thanks to a streamlined and effective pledge mechanism, which ultimately increases their efficacy on the ground.

Pakistan’s strong commitment to UN peacekeeping is at the core of this effort. The nation’s duty in this area goes beyond only deploying troops; it also includes a commitment to excellent operational performance and policy development. Pakistan has a long history of being a steadfast supporter of world peace. Nearly a quarter of a million men and women have been sent from the country to 46 UN peacekeeping operations on several continents since 1960. Pakistan is now recognised as one of the largest troop providers in the history of peacekeeping as a result of their incredible sacrifice and constant commitment.

But the road to peace on earth is frequently paved with blood. Pakistan’s dedication to peace has not been without difficulties and setbacks. 172 Pakistani peacekeepers tragically lost their lives while performing their duties, serving as a sombre reminder of the selflessness that characterises peacekeeping missions.

Focus is on Pakistan’s steadfast dedication to maintaining world peace and stability as it gets ready to host the UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Conference’s preparatory meeting. Pakistan’s commitment to maintaining UN values is demonstrated by its history of peacekeeping. The difficulties faced by Pakistani peacekeepers, however, highlight the necessity of ongoing efforts to guarantee their efficacy and security. It serves as a reminder that peacekeeping goes beyond only averting conflict to also promote stability, build diplomacy, and pave the path for a better future for all countries when the international community comes together to discuss these issues.

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Omay Aimen is a researcher, with an interest in national security, international politics, hybrid warfare & geopolitics. She can be reached at

Omay Aimen

Omay Aimen is a researcher, with an interest in national security, international politics, hybrid warfare & geopolitics. She can be reached at